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Character drawing (No shading or background)
Bunifu's pillow by Peppa91
Basically, you get a character with no background.

starting price is 10 points add 4 for another character.
Character drawing /w Background (No shading)
Kaz the lion by Peppa91
Solo and Anga by Peppa91
Melona and Mellow by Peppa91
Ready by Peppa91
Zeganna by Peppa91
Friends Forever by Peppa91
Want a picture of your character done with a background but no shading? Step right up and Participate in this!  I can draw quiet a few things now so I should be able to draw whatever character you give me. (Unless it's a human or sonic character, get ready for really bad hands if so!)

beginning price is 10 points plus 5 for an extra character.
Character shading /W Background
Shade the Hedgehog by Peppa91
Jani the Lionness by Peppa91
Basically a character that's shaded along with an interesting background.

20 points + 3 points for each extra character.

Wallpaper for desktop background
Melona background by Peppa91
For a low fee of 10 points I'll make this neat little background for you, all I need to know is:

1. Your Pony

2. Their cutiemark

3. If they where to be the owners of one of the elements of harmony, which would they be?

You can have more than one pony but it would cost 3 more points



Peppa91's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
G'DAY... Stamp by SharpAnimationInc

Sup! I'm Elyse, But you can call me Peppa (Or Pepsi)

I'm a young drawer and i have a long way to go.

Some information:
Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt I Dont Watch Back STAMP by Puff-Dahh Dont steal my art by Wolven-Sister
I Accept Commisions STAMP by Puff-Dahh I Accept Requests STAMP by Puff-Dahh I Accept Trades STAMP by Puff-Dahh
I Love My Watchers STAMP by Puff-Dahh

Kingdom Hearts:

kingdom hearts stamp 2 by kaitastic I love Roxas stamp by HavickTheLion Kingdom Hearts Ventus, Sora, and Roxas Stamp by AESD
KH BBS: Ventus Stamp by AESD KH BBS: Aqua Stamp by AESD KH BBS: Terra Stamp by AESD
Roxas Stamp by Niji-iro Axel Stamp by Niji-iro Xion Stamp by Niji-iro
Sora Stamp by Niji-iro Namine Stamp by Niji-iro Riku Stamp by Niji-iro
Stamp by Keyblade-Warriors I Want A Heartless - Stamp by LenaLawliet SUPPORT SEA SALT ICE CREAM XD by seasalticecream-fc
BURN'D Stamp by ladychimera Pout Stamp by ladychimera -fangirl squeal- Stamp by ladychimera


Espeon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Vaporeon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Umbreon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp
Leafeon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Shaymin Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Glaceon Stamp by PFV0-Stamp
flygon stamp by PFV0-Stamp luxray stamp by PFV0-Stamp Lucario Stamp by PFV0-Stamp
OSHAWOTT STAMP by Heart-Stamp N STAMP by Heart-Stamp Sylveon/Ninfia Stamp by Heart-Stamp
Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 by NoNamepje Latias Stamp by NoNamepje Latios Stamp by NoNamepje
Pokemon: Keldeo by SD-DreamCrystal Pokemon: Victini by SD-DreamCrystal 648 - Meloetta Aria Forme by Marlenesstamps

Fluttershy Yay Stamp by moonprincessluna Sad Rainbow Dash Stamp by moonprincessluna Pinkie Pie Check Stamp by moonprincessluna
Lyra Stamp by jewlecho Sweetie Belle Icon by jewlecho Zecora Stamp by jewlecho
Big Mac Stamp by jewlecho Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho Derpy Hooves Stamp by jewlecho

What time is it?

Adventure Time: Title Stamp by immature-giraffeAdventure Time Stamp by Trillo-LilloAdventure Time Stamp -FC- by Trillo-Lillo
Gunter Stamp by Michiru-MewIce King Banana Phone Stamp by amaiawa.: AT- Ice Queen Stamp :. by Ximona

Stampz of different characters...yeah..

Leah stamp by TC-96 Asha stamp by TC-96 Koda stamp by TC-96
StampATWMF stamp by Ciaxlia :GF:Sapphire Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97 :GF:Darren Stamp by ShayTheHedgehog97

Fruits Basket Stamp by PoisonousKitten The School President Aya Stamp by Stephany-Q-Vin Momiji Stamp by flowertigers
Kuro and Rin Stamp by Melodious-Muse Kuro Stamp by Melodious-Muse Mephisto Laughs at you by Melodious-Muse

Roleplays I'm on and who I rp as:


Zeganna, The Northlands Adventuress Zega ref by Peppa91
Chiku, The Westlands Questioner Teenage Chiku by Peppa91
Kuchunguza, The Summit Pride Adventurer Teenage Kuchu by Peppa91
Amara, The Eastlands Healing Princess Teenage Amara by Peppa91


Mistpaw of brambleclan Mistpaw by Peppa91


Cami and Abigail Z-parasites Cami Tremblay by Peppa91


Zuri, Daughter of Awena and Nkosi Zuri and Louis by Peppa91


Himeko the wall climber Wallcreeper adoptable(taken) by Midlasoc

Acounts: :icondwarf-elsyia: :icondwarvenpeppa: :iconmetricpeppa91:
I saw everyone doing this, so I thought 'What the heck, let's jump on the band wagon!'

So, I guess I should start my story. The reason I joined DA...I would have to say due to reading a comic, and then I got to the point where I had to be a member to read it, so I was like:

Let's do this :icondatassplz:

Now, when I went to sign up, I found out I had magically had an account from agees ago I had made for no apparent reason, so I was all good to go. But then I had to go re-find the comic....

Eventually, I found it, and Comic by :iconnatsumewolf: called Wolfs Rain: Next Generation. I absolutley adore this comic, and I'm still waiting for updates. Her drawing skills have gotten better over time, and the characters are just amazing! :iconcuteeyesplz:
She made me go watch Wolfs Rain so I knew what was going on....Tears were shed...

Next Generation PUPPIES by NatsumeWolfOur Generation by NatsumeWolfWolf's Rain Next Generation320 by NatsumeWolfWolf's Rain Next Generation111 by NatsumeWolfWolf's Ran Next Generation 419 by NatsumeWolfW.R.N.G The Final Battle by NatsumeWolf

This was also Probably around the time where I made my first Deviantart friend! and that was :iconbeestarart:
I instantly fell in love with her artwork, and her comic (which I have no idea if it is still going or not) but yeah, loved her work! and she was really kind to me as well! Luv ya BeeStar! (another note, first person I got a commission from!)

Melody as cub by BeeStarARTBirth Of Twins by BeeStarARTDrawings i am working on. by BeeStarARTFinnicks Last Goodbyes by BeeStarARTNew Arrival by BeeStarARTRose at night by BeeStarART

drawing for Peppa91 by BeeStarART(look Familiar? :3)

Then I met :icontc-96: and BEcame friends with her aswell! She encouraged me to do so many art pieces, and I don't think I would've came up with some of my ideas without her! Thanks TC!

Snoozin' by TC-96Sewing by TC-96Nintendo Battle by TC-96Kiara's Reign Chapter 2 - Page 8 by TC-96Ling vs Peng by TC-96Fullmetal Alchemist...kinda by TC-96

Hmmm...I guess after that, I sorta was here and there, but not much. that was until I met :iconepicsparklez98: and :iconzandight: Who are my friends at school. We were talking one day and then Deviantart poped up. before you know it, we were looking up art work, and our friendship grew! Gotta luv my friends, they're the best!

Canvas Splash by EpicSparklez98Sonic 06 by EpicSparklez98Xenia Speed painted by EpicSparklez98Isis (Floe) - Redesigned by ZandightFrozen Star by ZandightMy Idea of the Final Chespin Evolution by Zandight
Zandight has also done a few things for meh. Thanks Zandi!

Volcanic Eruption by ZandightAt The Gala #1 by Zandight(this pick involves all of us)REQUEST: Gracedia Flower Gala Dress by Zandight

and now, for the moment we have all been waiting for! after a year of being on DA, and Finding out about the Amazing :iconalbinoraven666fanart: 's Comic series, I re drew zega, and jumped into the world of United prides!

Page22Uru's Reign Part 2: Chapter 1: Page 22 by albinoraven666fanartConcept Characters for Comic by albinoraven666fanartFreckles by albinoraven666fanartLet It Go-- Frozen Inspired Happy Holidays by albinoraven666fanart

Now this was my first rp, and I was really shy! I didn't know what to do or anything! that was until I Rpe'd with :iconarchangelseida: who took me under her wing, and with numerous screams, got me to rp in large, detailed paragraphs! so thanks Arch! and also to all of my Other friends on the Numerous RP's! I can't imagine my life without ya (Even if your all so far away) and when I've had a rough day, I can always count on you to brighten up my day!

If I miss you, I'm sorry, but there's so many of you that I luv! ><
:iconalbinoraven666fanart: :iconangathelioness: :iconanimefan4eternity23: :iconhowrsesr1: :iconhronawmonstamer: :iconlostsoul-mumei: :iconmydlasfanart: :iconnayeliofbeginnings: :iconpopokino: :iconrockingpudding: :icontarizon: :icontossarn: :icontwiztidallure: :iconyounglioness: :iconhaffenhoff27: <3

Thanks for being their everyone! now to show your art to my watchers, so they can give you the love as well!

hmmm, I guess the latest thing for me to put down would be that I soon began to make it a habit searching DA for random things, and One day i came across a Comic called 'Random Doom' By :icontamarinfrog: I love her work! It's incredible! and her comic Is packed full of randomness! thanks for bringing a smile to my face!
PKMNation - Gym Battle : Double Duel by TamarinFrogRD - MEGA SABLEYE!!! by TamarinFrogPKMNC - Goodbye by TamarinFrogPKMNation -  Brand Waltz by TamarinFrogPKMNA - Face Your Fears by TamarinFrogTammy Kart by TamarinFrogPKMNation - Allergy Season by TamarinFrog

And now for the rest of the people I watch! These peoples are awesome too, but if I single them all out we may be here a while, so don't forget to check out these guys as well!

:iconaquene-lupetta: :iconarobicayo: :iconaussieyoshi: :iconbeccadoodles: :iconblackwingshadow: :iconCiaxila: :icondj88: 
:icondordtchild: :dovahkiinwerewolf: :iconemilysculpts: :iconeyesinthedark666: :icongatesmccloud: :icongunflame345: 
:iconhiiragi-wasabi: :iconhonokumakun: :icontotobuki: :iconhydracarina: :iconichikowindgryphon: :iconinfecteddragon: :iconjuffs: :iconkaceymeg: :iconkolioness: :iconliyuconberma: :iconlolathesaluki: :iconmudkip777: :iconnala15: :iconnekomander00: :iconnightrizer: :iconpurrlstar: :iconry-spirit: :iconshadowdragonia: :iconshalonesk: :iconsulfurbunny: :icontheblazinggecko: :iconwhitecraken: 

Thanks you guys! now lets keep drawing and show the world what we can do!


I LUV YOU ALL! ESPECIALLY,YOU! *points a fingure at who ever is reading this post right now*
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